Counseling Center Calendar

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October 2
Ohio Northern University 10:00 am
October 3
College of Wooster 10:15am
          University of Mt. Union  12:00pm
October 6
Michigan State University 11:40pm
October 10
University of Cincinatti 1:15pm

October 11 
Virginia Tech 11:00am
        Carnegie Mellon 12:30pm
October 12
Pitt Johnstown 9:00am
October 16
Westminster 8:00am
          Youngstown University 9:00am
October 17 
  Point Park University 10:00am
      Chatham College 11:00am
October 18
Vanderbilt University 10:30
 Carlow University 1:00pm
October 19    Pitt
       Beginning at 9:30
              Miami University 11:30
 October 23
Thiel College 8:00am
October 24
University of South Carolina 12:30
IUP  1:30pm
Ocober 25
  Emerson College 7:30am
October 26
  St. Vincent 10:30am
           West Liberty University 11:30am
        Gannon University 1:30pm
         Clarion University  11:00am