Fitness 10

Class Overview

This course is a combination of performance and theory designed to improve health-related and skill-related fitness through regular physical activity.  Students will review the basic skills, strategies and knowledge of the rules necessary to participate in team sports, personal fitness, recreational, and lifetime activities.  Students will be evaluated on their effort of participation, skills, fitness testing, written self-assessments, peer teaching and demonstrations, written examinations, development and implementation of personal fitness program, and teacher assessments of their personal attributes and qualities during instruction, practice, and peer social interactions. The overall goal of this course is for students to attain an improved level of physical fitness while developing an appreciation for new physical activities to incorporate in their lifestyles.

Grade(s): 10 (male)

Prerequisite: Fitness 9

Credit: 0.5

PawFitness 10 Syllabus (male)

PawMale Fitness 10 Contract