College in High School (CIHS)


2018 - 2019 College in High School Program
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              Participating Colleges

Click on the links below to register at WCCC and LaRoche.  You must APPLY to the colleges to enroll in  CIHS courses.  All billing/payment will be through the college; any questions regarding billing/payment should be made to WCCC or LaRoche.



If you have NEVER taken a class at WCCC, 
click here to APPLY to WCCC (click on the APPLY button)
You must fill out the entire application in order to register.
Within 24 hours you will receive an ID and a password.  You cannot register for classes without the ID/Password

Once you receive the ID/Password click here to register for classes -fill out the 3 required pages
*Your counselor will receive notification to approve your
courses.  You will receive billing notification from WCCC via 
email.  If you do not receive notification of billing within 2 weeks, please contact WCCC directly.

LaRoche Scholar

click here to APPLY
 scroll down (below the red line) to the APPLY NOW button

 Registration through your class/teacher

Point Park University
click here for information on Point Park's CIHS program
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