10th Grade Wellness Drug and Alcohol Awareness Project

Online Book Sources

E-books on Health

The library has a number of online multi-volume health -related books by Salem Press, including one on Addiction.  You can search the full-text of the books at school and also from home. Login from school  is automatic but you need a password (franklin) to login from home.  


The UXL Encyclopedia of drugs and addictive substances  is an excellent resource. Click on the icon above, scroll down to the Medicine section, select the encyclopedia, and do a full text search!  Access to the Gale Virtual Reference Library is automatic when at school, but a password (panthers) is required when used from home. 

Internet Sources:

National Institute on Drug Abuse Part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Look for the "Drugs of Abuse" tab.  The NIDA also has special sites dealing with anabolic steroid abusemarijuanasmokinginhalant abuse, and club drugs.

GirlsHealtha site sponsored by the U. S. Department of Health's National Women's Health Information Centre, has lots of good information on drugs and alcohol. Guys can use it too!! 

MEDLINEplus is sponsored by the U.S National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Search for “Drug Abuse” or “Alcohol Abuse” or do a keyword search for a particular drug.

Librarians' Internet  Index   Excellent resource. Sites are pre-evaluated and selected by librarians. Browse by subject or search for “Drugs” or “Alcohol.”

Magazine Resources:


PowerLibrary provides online access to the entire text of many articles from a wide range of magazines and journals.  Health and Wellness Resource Center is a database for students and the general public that includes relevant up-to-date information.  

When you are at home, you must use the Delmont Public Library and/or the Murrysville Community Library  websites to search on PowerLibrary. You will need a patron number, so if you are not already a member you now have a good reason to join


Prepared by J. McDonnell

Last Updated: April 5, 2016