11th Grade American Studies Culminating Project Resources

E-books on the Decades from 

The library has a number of online multi-volume books about the 20th century published by Salem Press - The Sixties in America, The Seventies in America, The Eighties in America, The Nineties in America, and Great Events of the Twentieth Century 1971-2000.  You can search the full-text of the books at school and also from home. Login from school  is automatic but you need a password to login from home - just click on the Remote Access Login tab and use franklin  as the password.  

WWII,  Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gulf War:

Rutgers Oral History Archives is well organized and you can browse by conflict (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam), by Branch of Service, or even by Unit. Similarly, the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress can also be searched and browsed by conflict.

At Regarding War from the Public Broadcasting System "soldiers, veterans, and journalists ...share their stories from Afghanistan, Iraq and other war zones."

The Gulf War, another PBS program, provides links to decision makers, commanders, analysts, and Iraquis. Look under war stories for background from soldiers.

The Civil Rights Era:

African American Odyssey: The Civil Rights Era from the Library of Congress American Memory Collection documents the many aspects of the struggle for Civil Rights. 


Watergate: the Scandal that Destroyed President Richard Nixon provides background and discussion on the Watergate affair.

The Reagan Era:

The Reagan Years is a CNN Special Report that considers the Reagan presidency and his legacy.

 The Clinton Era:

The Clinton Years, a combined production of ABC News Nightline and PBS's Frontline, evaluates the controversial presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

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