English 9 Scottsboro Boys Websites

As we know  from experience and as we've learned in class, not all websites are equally credible and useful for serious research.  This assignment requires you to evaluate and write an annotated bibliography for the following six websites about the Scottboro Boys. The annotated bibliography instructions are on your teacher's Moodle page.


1. The Scottsboro Boys: Nine lives overlooked, lost (CNN)


2. The Scottsboro Boys (blogcritics)


3.  Scottsboro Boys (Trial and Defense Campaign, 1931–1937) (blackpast.org)


4. Scottsboro Boys (answers.com)


5. THE TRIALS OF "THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS" (Famous Trials website)


6. Scottsboro Boys (allexperts.com)

 J. McDonnell, Nov 3, 2011